Also I’ll make it easy and simple for people. = 7 =)/

tagging replies to people as “pudreplies” for convenience sake ; followed up by tagging people’s names u v u)/

(more tags will be added later, I’ll eventually make an easy (short short short) list for people who want to tumblr savior w)

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I felt sentimental earlier and decided to log in here. = 7 =)/ I’m surprised this account is till holding up… But I have a new art tumblr and I seem to have stopped paying attention to this one, but I can’t ever get myself to let go of it. It means too much to me~

So… I’ve been thinking of what to do instead of letting this tumblr go to waste… I think I may make it into my diary tumblr of sorts. I’ll post longer posts under cuts, and shorter ones in the open. 

That means I’ll still be posting pictures here (and more than I had before) but it will be small doodles (as usual oopse) to go along with what I’m writing. I hope that’s okay u v u)/ 

(ღˇ◡ˇ*) cheer up buttercup ♥

(ღˇ◡ˇ*) cheer up buttercup ♥

I’m so lame. (:3 っ )っ can’t animate jello

hm~? (;;☉ωノシ;;)⌒☉

hm~? (;;☉ωノシ;;)⌒☉

ha ha of course i’m cute

ha ha of course i’m cute



I miss this tumblr. ; 7 ;)/ I got a terrible feeling of nostalgia after staring at old art and I just augh. I kinda wanna make this old tumblr active again. I just love it so dearly.

utatapyon said:

It’s been a little over a month now(I think), but I’m feeling better. This will probably be the last post here, but… Well, thank you everyone for your worry and concern. ; u ;)a It meant a lot to me, still does, and made me realize some things.

Long story short, I moved to a new tumblr “ulalarara,” if you’re interested. It’s my new art blog, and I hope you’re all not too mad at me for it. Please, excuse me.